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Highly Engaging Pitch Deck Presentations

Welcome to [[]], a site that helps startup entrepreneurs create a compelling visual representations that gets them funded and grow very fast.

We are the team from [[pitch deck company]] and we help startups tell their stories in a way that gets them funded.

Why Are We In This Business?

Three main reasons;

  • We want to see true entrepreneurs get the funds they need that can help them grow their business very fast
  • We are sad to see startup entrepreneurs lose crucial investments due to a bad pitch deck
  • We want to put happiness on the face of investors who spent tons of time to build their product only to fail at getting the funds they require to grow

Why Should You Work With Us?

Five main reasons;

  • We were once startups. Hence, we know how it feels and what it takes to get investors to fund a new startup
  • Leverage. You won’t make the mistakes we made when we were trying to woo investors to invest in our business
  • Our track record speaks for us. We have worked with lots of startups who got funded on the first try based on our design
  • We have an awesome team – dedicated and experienced designers and your own account manager
  • Our design can be used for pitching a b2b product, b2b service or brochures

Stay in touch

Connect with [[pitch deck company]] through any of our social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. (kindly add the links for each of the networks as a hyperlink).


Pitch Deck.Company is a Service offered by Shadow Mountains Digital Publishing Ltd. a leading Web Agency for Digital Publishing. Our Designers are all experts in their field and work for various projects. Our Skills in developing Digital Goods is your advantage. Use our services to make the difference for your business. We know how to design and are glad to help you, to bring your idea to fly. Check out our Portfolio (coming soon) to see what we can do for you. Our Skills and expertice is well know and we get a lot of positive Feedback from Investors and Founders. Based on this we can help you too.

Our Team:

Julia is the Teamleader of our Design Team. She is the Co-founder of and 4 others Design based Web-Companies as PitchDesk.Company.





Roxy is our Graphic-Hero. She is in her element, when creativity is key. As more creativity, as more Roxy. It is awesome what she can do with just some colours an her skills.




Clara made her Design Studies on various Universities and she is specialisted on Pitch Decks for European Investors.





Last but not least Erica. She has not only Design, Grafik Skills – she holds as well a Master Degree in Marketing and brings some important skills into our team to design and coach founders.