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If you are a startup company and are looking for investors, then you may be wondering where to begin. Before going to potential investors, you need something to bring to the table. You can’t go in empty-handed and expect them to fork over thousands of dollars, now can you? So where should you start? How can you create the perfect pitch deck for investors so that they will want to invest money in your project?

When composing a pitch deck, a company needs to include several things. Each of these things is very important in the process as they are all part of what an investor wants to know about your company. For example, they don’t only want to hear about the problem and solution, as there is so much more to a business than those two things. Below is a list of what should be included in a pitch deck that an investor will want to invest in.

  1. Intro Section: This section of your presentation should present your case. This means that you should present the problem that you are aiming to fix. Along with the problem, the proposed solution should be presented. This is one of the most important parts of a pitch deck presentation. Why? Because this is where you either capture the investor’s attention, or you don’t. This section should include:
    1. A cover slide to present your company.
    2. The problem slide that is straightforward and to the point about what problem your company aims to fix.
    3. The solution slide. This slide is, obviously, your company and what they can do to fix the problems you laid out in the previous slide.
  1. Market Section: This section will include how you can make the investors money. While they may be more likely to invest if they like you or your team, they won’t invest solely based on that. You must show them that you will be able to turn their investment into a profit. So how do you do this?
      1. Show them your projected sales either by using the top upmarket approach (calculating the total market and then estimating your share of that market) or the bottom down market approach (determining where products will be sold and the slice of the market your company can hold).
      2. Create a business model. This is an incredibly important slide that could possibly make or break your pitch, but it is absolutely necessary to show the investors what you have planned.
  2. Competition Section: If your company stands out from the rest, this is the best way to show your investors. By comparing your product or company to others, you are able to show your investors exactly what they are investing in and why it will be a success. Also, including a slide about competitive advantage might be a good idea, as this is how you can show your investors what patterns or technologies you’ve used to make your product unique.
  3. Marketing Ideas: This is to show the investors that you have a plan for growing your business. These may just be hypothetical for the time being, but it is important to include.
  4. Team Section: Keep it simple, but show the investors why you are the right people to make this company work. Why will you make it successful?
  5. Milestones/Traction Section: Another very important section in your pitch, this slide will show investors what you’ve already accomplished. This can give you credibility and perhaps even hook the investors.

If you include these six sections in your pitch deck, investors are more likely to want to collaborate. Remember, you must show your confidence in growing your company, as well as your confidence in making them money. Creating a pitch deck is a lot of work, but is well worth it in the end.